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Hotel Cordée des Alpes

The Brief:
An opportunity to design a totally new structure for a hotel  in Verbier, Switzerland, including public restaurant, spa and pool as well as a residence. A former four-star hotel, the original building had a chequered career and became a tired and ill repaired cheap lodging.

Key Design Focus:
As with the hotel’s name, inspiration was taken from the Alpine hotel experience of the turn of the last century.

Developing and translating this theme into a contemporary authentic Alpine interior, involved contrasting local materials with items collected from the Alpine and classic world; Nepalese carpets, Chinese cupboards, English chairs, Portuguese wall tiles and Belgium furniture.

The mix of straight lines of old wood and metal in-builds, shutters with ornamental cuttings that play with light and shadow and the use of luxury fabrics and decoration forge a link with rustic Swiss mountain design giving a lighter, more playful feel to the environment.

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